Your voice

Grateful that I came across Pixie Lighthorse. Her work and books are very inspiring to handle constant change and flow and walk fearlessly with all transformations that we live through in one life.

Her book “Prayers Of Honoring Voice” ignites a good deep creative process honoring our unique voice in all areas of life.

I want to share this poem with you that I wrote after being inspired reading her book “Prayers Of Honoring Voice”. 


Your voice is honored.

Your being is needed.

Sometimes you were surrounded by false expectations & projections.

You are completely alive.

Your truth can never be stolen.

You receive all you need.

Let the spirits guide you.

Heaven connects to Earth.

Earth connects to Heaven

through you.



A soul in pure light.

All washed away

that hindered your light to shine.

You are connected.

You are here,

but you are at the other side as well.

You are like the tides – turning

you are the essence that

keeps us tight – together.

Molecules shift, tides shift,

but all is connected still – just a little different,

than they were used to.

Be. See.

You are honored.

Your voice is needed.

©     Stefanie Honeder 2017



©     Stefanie Honeder 2017





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