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Fotoedition Roses that keep growing from concrete 2019

Fair Play 2 Compilation: Poem “Stay In The Light” 2018

Participation:  Clitical Talk Group Show (Improper Walls Gallery Vienna) 2018

Clitical Talk Reality 2018: Participation Video: Clitical Talk Group Show (Improper Walls Gallery Vienna) 

It is time to create a new language 2018

Participation: Demystifying Femininity (Improper Walls Gallery Vienna) 2017

Archiving 2017 

Light of Light 2017

Extension of Light 2015-2016

All of the Lights 2012

Intimate Space Project

Disentangling on Concrete (text-sound work, diploma 2010)    & +soundfile

Holy Wars 2009 

Collection 2008-2012 


Rebirth Book 

Release Your Past Book

Heartbeat A Yoga Symphony Mixtape Book






Chaos.Most. Okay. 

Planetary Change

Alchemy I


“Don’t Kill My Time”


‘Holographic Reflections’


“Twisting Tansformations”

“Keys for Peace”

“The End Of A Cycle”






It is so ridiculous, this narrative of success and failure. Like, if you do something amazing, the next thing has to be awful. It’s like the weather or something. Ten years later somebody watches it in Iceland or China and it’s totally irrelevant. Björk p432 anothermagazine issue3 2016