2006 Sichtweisen Atelierhaus, 2007 Townscapes KUNSTHof Wien, 2008 inoutbetween (Akademie der Bildenden Künste) curated by Alois Bernsteiner 2009 Grenzfall (WUK; Kunst gegen Aids), 2011 Intimate Space Project Georgia Creimer, Innsbruck (permanent installation), 2012 Scoop (Group exhibition Month of Photography) 2014, 2015 Performances text stage Club Bahoe (music&poetry basket) 2016 Women IN/ON Sound, Goldsmith University London 2017 “Heartbeat A Yoga Symphony Mixtape” Book Presentation&Lecture Academy of Fine Arts Vienna Library, 2017 Demystifying Femininity, Improper Walls Vienna, 2018 Clitical Talk, Improper Walls Vienna 2018 Fair Play Compilation, Planetarium Poitiers, (FR)  2018 Cities and Memory: Sound Photography (Oxford, UK), 2020 WUNDERWERKE 2020 | SISTERHOOD, Atelierhaus Vienna, 2022 Photography Exhibition, Heartfulness Center Vienna

It is so ridiculous, this narrative of success and failure. Like, if you do something amazing, the next thing has to be awful. It’s like the weather or something. Ten years later somebody watches it in Iceland or China and it’s totally irrelevant. Björk p432 anothermagazine issue3 2016