Skill in action. Simplicity.

“Yoga is skill in action.” – it means to unite our breath, our intelligence – us being here to work in accordance, harmony and alignment with the greater whole – for the benefit of all beings.

Stop. What? Simplicity.

It means if someone needs help, we help. It means, if we are really thirsty in the a desert, we drink and we drink what is available here right now in front of us.

It means if our body needs to rest, we take a rest. Simple as that.

It means that we don’t waste time for what is not serving us, nor anyone else. It means that we put the hands on our yoga mat and keep on practicing and breathing no matter what is happening and don’t run away 100 times for distracting ourselves.

It means self care. It means using a plaster immediately, when we have a wound and bleed.

Simple as that? It means that my blind grandfather payed the fine for his carer, when she was accused to steal a chocolate bar that was not even available in this shop at that right moment. Because he needed his carer in that very right moment on his side at home of course. That was a simple solution for both of them.

It means that we know when to take action and when to step back from re-actions and just allow life to unfold.

It means that we reach out our hands and help someone before drowning and don’t overthink in that very right moment.

It means that we say a yes, when we know that a yes is true, and a no, when a no is true.

Simplicity in skill in action means so much at once that we can save people, our own life, and transform our own life or others’ instantaneously.

It means that we can make someone’s day brighter with just a simple smile we can share with another person…….

It means that we don’t tighten our bodies and minds and make life more complicated than it is. The force of life – that huge force that created you and has been guiding you ever since –  to be here right now and breathe in this very right moment – KNOWS all simple solutions.

All the simple  billions of skills in actions (that we don’t even recognize and have to control) that our bodies work through in each moment so that we keep on breathing for our cells keep on working, so we live this life.

Simplicity in skill in action means that we allow this clear intelligence of life that is streaming thorough our bodies to keep on flowing. It means that we connect that intelligent force (PRANA), allow it to connect – to heal ourselves, our planet,  – for the benefit of all. Simple as that. Align with that simple tremendous love guiding you – simply where you need to be… right now.


© photo: Stefanie Honeder


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