S.E.E [Sound, Education, Experience]. – Women IN/ON Sound

I am grateful to announce that my Diploma Text-Sound Project “Disentangling On Concrete” (2010) is part of the Women IN/ON Sound conference at Goldsmith University of London.  The event theme and title is S.E.E [Sound, Education, Experience].

Disentangle On Concrete, 2010 loop „Disentangle On Concrete“ is a text-sound sculpture adaptable to various locations researching the effect and power of words. How do words manipulate us, effect us and create social agreements? Which associations, feelings, sensations arise in our bodies, minds and in a wider sense social bodies and collective (un)consciousness? What happens with the repetition of words in our neurology, bodies and social networks? Can words free or paralyze us? How can one spoken word manipulate us? Do we feel the after-effects of one single word?Are we entangled in words, so we need to disentangle again? Which words are we allowing to effect us? Does one word effect us immediately or does it need repetitions so traces stay in our (collective) (un)consciousness. The words chosen for „Disentangle On Concrete“ are taken from the yoga philosophy world to research the tension that arises within a performative set up of a yoga class with the intention to create freedom or peace with words. Is sound, a word creating just another layer of illusion or creating a shift in our minds so we can perceive the world from a new perspective? Thank you Oliver Cortez/Olinclusive for recording support


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