Samskara vs. Sankalpa

Over and over again: The Sanskrit word Samskara describes the deep interwoven unconscious patterns that we are repeatedly choosing over and over again. It is a bit like the ilm Bill Murray “Groundhog Day“.  The bus is just not driving anymore… 

These wheels or repetition are no problem until they become a problem. I guess for all of us (individually/collectively) these patterns of repetition become a problem after months, years, ages or centuries. We recognize that we can’t act like we did in the past. We need to figure out different ways to design our lives. The old way just doesn’t work out anymore. The world or our inner state has changed.

Get it right: So what can we do?
We can set new intentions. The Sanskrit word “Sankalpa”describes this act and process of intention setting.

You can imagine a “Sankalpa” is like a seed and you plant it into your unconscious.

Your unconscious starts processing and producing new perspectives and ideas how to (inter-)act with the world and voilá: suddenly you have a new picture in front of you, a new situation, a dream fulfilled, a new taste of life… a new scene in your own film.

So this is the way we can re-write our own script of life over and over again, re-invent ourselves, let go patterns/people/situations that don’t make us happy, and write new stories aka. “Creating a Life of Purpose, Happiness, Prosperity and Freedom”  –

The Four Desires: Creating a Life of Purpose, Happiness, Prosperity and Freedom by Rod Stryker is one of my favourite Yoga books about the topic “Designing our Lives”.  He writes about many example how to plant a “Sankalpa” in the most effective way and release old patterns. 

One way you can also refine your decisions and see if your are acting out of a patterns or out of a new choice that fits to the present state of moment is to ask yourself:
Is it expanding my energy or is it making me feel narrow or small?

May we stay patient with this process of “installing” new patterns into our mind/body/heart and know that we all deserve a fulfilling, happy and peaceful life.

May we all support each other on this way of living our best life possible.

May all being be happy and free. Namaste. Much love.




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