Creative Connections

Looking forward to reading through “The Internet to the Inner-Net”. Creative thinking means that we are open-minded and willing to find new connections in our thought and actions all the time; there are always new connections to explore in the inner web, internet and outer net.

If plan A doesn’t work out, there is still plan B to install. If plan A doesn’t relate to person X right now, there is still person Y that is perfect for plan A.

Thinking and acting in a creative  and innovative way means that we stay soft and flexible in our minds. There is a structure, a frame, a plan and a deadline, how the form and content is molded and created through a process. This creative process can’t be foreseen and controlled all the time. If it doesn’t happen today, it doesn’t mean that it is not happening tomorrow, next month or year. So sometimes even the structure has to be molded in a new way. Suddenly we need a bigger frame, because we have found a higher or new perspective.

The creative process, journey and innovative work is a bold step into the unknown land.  In this unknown land, you create new connections, the world hasn’t seen yet. It is a land, our world, where forms and frames are created in new ways.

We are here to support each other.

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” Steve Jobs



Drop it! Relax into your GREATNESS

The benefits of meditation: a creative, peaceful life. 

In the last years I’ve been really interested how meditation enhances the creative process in our lives.

Whether you are an artist or just want to bring more freedom, peacefulness and creativity into your personal or business life, meditation is a perfect tool to reach those goals .

The best thing: It is simple, easy,  for free. Not to forget to mention the many benefits for your health. (reducing your stress level/cortisol level)

Meditation allows you discern what is important and what’s not and reveals your inner web. Here you find your resources, new thoughts and ideas, infinite perspectives and approaches and ways to handle your life and challenging situations.

Björk is using  Kundalini mantras to enhance her creativity. “Kundalini is very helpful for my voice, because it involves a lot of breathing,” she says. “I turn the sound off on a yoga DVD and put some amazing music on very loud.”(Interview, The Gentlewoman spring/summer 2015)

Film-maker David Lynch is using Transcendental Meditation to “Catch The Big Fish” (meaning for him the big important project), or Rick Rubin, father of many important bands, like the Beastie Boys or RunDMC, has also been using meditation as a tool to “see through” and bring birth to those creative projects.

Dr. Ronald Alexander (psychotherapist) wrote a book about the Creative Process and Meditation as well, which is called “Wise Mind Open Mind“.

Bufferzone: Silence: Focus on your Heart.

It is easy, it is simple:
That’s what I can recommend right now for you: I’ve been practicing this simple Raja Yoga meditation technique for some years now and it is also available with an app, you can download. Just check “Heartfulness“. It is a silent meditation technique and you keep your focus on your heart.

Here you can find more information about the meditation technique “Heartfulness”.

There is also a Heartfulness-Magazine .

Also Gopi Kallayil, who is responsible for “Brand Marketing” at Google; is speaking about meditation.  His latest book is titled “The Internet to the Inner-net”.

If you ever hear the word Raja Yoga, know that this means meditation. You learn to train your mind to focus on one point (which is called Dharana) and hence Dhyana (meditation) unfolds.

Maybe it is difficult in the beginning to integrate it into your daily life, but you will learn that meditation becomes like brushing your trees or taking a shower for your mind, heart and soul. With time it will be easier to integrate it and make it a regular practice.

The best thing about meditation: a creative life unfolds, because if one thing doesn’t work out, your neurons shift perspectives quickly and choose a new highway in your brain and hence you stay  in the creative flow called life. Infinite options and infinite love.

If you have any questions about meditation or the Heartfulness-meditation technique or yoga in general, please contact me for more information. Peace.


Create a peaceful life. Create a peaceful world.




Creativity?! Turn your views and world upside down

Recommending this book by Rod Judkins “The Art of Creative Thinking”

1 out of 100 ideas is a good one, try everything like Salvador Dali, create anyway like Frida Kahlo or J Dilla , doubt and keep creating and turning our world upside down, ’cause it really needs to be changed and become a better place. Even the Beatles doubted themselves.IMG_3478.jpg

It is easy to read,  easy to jump from one chapter to another and helpful when you need some input to unblock, no matter what profession you are in.

If you need support to unblock for any project: You can contact me for a “Creativity Coaching Session”.

Looking forward to hearing from you!