Easy Going

Yoga allows us to connect to the inherent intelligence of life, whether you call it prana, love, a form of god or goddess. It is the force that I call the “self-organizing principle” of love that is streaming through everyone and that is surrounding everyone and everything. It is a force that is breathing you, it is a force that guides you. It is a force you can surrender to and trust (sraddha) in every circumstance of life.

Ishvara – Pranidhana is the term in yoga philosophy that expresses this feeling of surrender to that greater force.

Yoga also describes ” skill in action” , which means to connect something, or (re-) act in the right moment. This brings more ease into (y)our life.
You learn to use your energy wisely  .

You are not using strength, you take action, you respond in the right moments when it is needed. So you learn to not using your strength and willpower until you are exhausted. Do you know these moments, when you just keep trying and trying and feeling like losing your energy? Then you need to foster patience and trust this intelligence to unfold. You need to release your own will and allow the intelligence to align and synchronize with the outer world.

Easy going.

Nobody can do it alone. You are already doing your best. You just need to listen and be aware and (re-) act and respond in the right moments. Then allow the intelligence to unfold.

Easy going.



A Yoga Practice definitely creates more love in and all around us. We can fill the space within ourselves with more acceptance, love and self-care in ourselves to create that space for acceptance, love and care all around us. This is the way we can influence our surrounding, situations and our lives and create the spaces that we love.

© photo: Stefanie Honeder, quotation: The True Power Of The Heart, Baptist De Pape, p.98 

Private Yoga Session Gutschein/Voucher

Es ist Zeit für deine Liebsten Geschenke zu finden. Wenn du jemandem eine Yoga-Privat-Stunde mit mir schenken möchtest, kontaktiere mich einfach.

Es ist auch über Skype möglich.

Ich hoffe, du hast viel Zeit für dich und deine Liebsten & einen wunderbaren Jahresausklang. Viel Liebe zu dir.

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It’s time to find the best gifts for your loved ones. If you want to make someone happy with a Private Yoga Session, you can contact me for a voucher.

It’s also possible via Skype.

I hope, you have a lot of time for yourself, your loved ones and a sweet transition into 2016. Much love to you.

Shifting Perspectives

Art can be a portal to shift our perspectives, opinions and judgments. It allows us to see new perspectives, shifts our consciousness, shows us the beauty of life and how we can transform challenges, pain or suffering.

What’s your portal?

An inversion in our yoga practice can have the same effects (handstand, headstands, shoulderstand…)   and helps us to approach challenges in new ways and see life with a new perspective.

Always try to see situations from many different angles. If you can’t. Give it a try.


In Pursuit Of Magic” #inpursuitofmagic

Recommending Poetry by Em Claire

“Home Remembers Me”
Medicine Poems from em claire

May your own medicine walk—galvanized and begun by the circumstance that is now urging you and guiding you ever inward into the light and of Who You Are—be the walk that enables you to remember or discover for the first time, your personal medicine, and the blessing that you are going to bring to the greater global family. © Em Claire

© Stefanie Honeder
© Stefanie Honeder